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More About Who We Are

Although we have a vast array of foods available to us, we rarely stop to ponder where our food comes from, and the complex consequences resulting from the choices we make when we eat it. When we look at a plate of food, we don’t think about the thousands of miles it probably traveled to reach us, the energy consumed in its transportation, or in its harvesting, processing, refrigeration, and packaging. In a predominantly and increasingly urban world, we are losing the vital connection between humans and land, and along with it, simple joys—like the warmth of the sun on one’s back and the earth under one’s bare feet, watching a plant grow over several months and sensing a profound power in the creation of life, sustenance, and interconnectedness. There are deep lessons and pleasures that cannot be taught or conveyed in a classroom or in a textbook—they must be experienced firsthand. That is why the creation of Apple Creek Vineyard Farm is imperative.

Galt has a rich agricultural history, dating back prior to European settlement. Apple Creek Vineyard has an opportunity to act as a leader through the establishment of an effective model of sustainable rural agriculture while linking other ongoing initiatives tied to academic programs. Individuals interested in learning how to grow one’s own food and to think critically about the way we as humans connect to and draw sustenance from our land through agriculture will have that opportunity. And Apple Creek Vineyard Farm would serve this purpose.

The development of Apple Creek Vineyard is truly unique, as no other local community has a high-tech farm, within the rural environment that comprises an integral part of their food system. Our primary goal is to reach all local restaurants, stores, flea markets, and farmers markets, and schools and promote fresh and nutritious food while emphasizing the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for the future through educational programs.

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