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Pottery Product Line 

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In 2007, Bauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles purchased a 35,000 square foot ceramics factory in Highland, California, named Cactus Ceramics. For the first time since Janek Boniecki revived the Bauer Line, it enabled the company to bring all of the products together under one roof.

While organizing the new factory space, Boniecki discovered several original dies and production molds in various Tiki designs. Since the items were still in good condition, they were stored for a possible future project. Eleven years later, Bauer Pottery has decided to bring these classic designs into production. During December 2017, Boniecki introduced several of these Tiki designs, such as Surfer Girl, Big Mouth, and Two Face into the Bauer Showroom in Los Angeles to gauge public interest and audience feedback; the result was way above our expectations. Due to this overwhelming interest, Bauer Pottery has decided to offer these designs in limited runs on our website.

Due to variation in the glaze, color might differ slightly from photographs.

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