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Official 2021 Cook-off Rules


Official 2021 Cook-off Rules


* Each Team is comprised of three persons and must include one adult.

* Each member of the team will be given an apron to be worn to identify his/her membership in the team.

* Teams will receive six wristbands with their application fee (Entry Fee $135 per Team); one for each member of the team, and three extras for support crew. Extra wristbands can be purchased at the time of registration or the day of the event. All adults in your booth must have a wristband. No exceptions.

2. Setup

* The grounds will be open for setup at 8:00am.

* Stop by the registration area to pick up your supplies and booth assignment.

* Once you have unloaded your vehicle, please remove your vehicle from your booth before setting up. Vehicles may not be left at your booth, but must be parked on the PARKING area set aside for team parking. This is by order of the management of Apple Creek Vineyard Farm.

* All teams must be in their designated booth and ready to serve the judges by 11:00am.

* The booths measure 10’X10’ and are marked by flags. The center of the booth is the odd colored flag marked with the booth number.

* All teams are required to bring their own tables, awnings and decorations.

* Since this is a RAIN OR SHINE event we strongly suggest that each team bring an awning. We do have a contingency in case of rain, but the more teams with awnings the better it will work.

3. Cooking

* All teams will provide a minimum of 4 or 5 Raw Tri Tip Roast.

* There will be no off-site cooking, onsite warming and transportation must be done in a sanitary manner. These conditions are subject to inspection by the judging committee and or/members of Apple Creek Vineyard Farm. Failure to comply with standard sanitary and safe food handling methods will disqualify the team from the event.

* All teams must have hand sanitizer available.

*All teams must have a cooking thermometer in order to monitor their Tri Tip Roast

which should be kept at 165 degrees. An official of the event will also be monitoring the temperatures.

*Each team will bring their own cooking and Serving utensils.

* Each team will provide their BBQs pit unit. There is not electricity available and NO GENERATORS ARE ALLOWED.

* Heating should be done to the back of the booth to avoid accidental burns by team members or those attending the event.

* The Tri Tip Roast should be warmed and distributed out of one container.

* The event starts at 11:30am. Please do not start serving Tri Tip Roast to the crowd until that time.

4. Judging

* There will be two panels of 4 judges.

* Judges will only know the Tri Tip Roast samples by a team number

* Each judge has a runner who will collect samples in a random manner which has been set by the judge coordinator.

* Runners will begin picking up samples at 11am. Each panel will only sample half of the entries, so you will only be providing four samples during the preliminary judging round.

* Each judge’s panel will determine the top four entries from their samples.

* Runners will then pick-up the samples from the 8 top entries that will be sampled by all judges to determine the winners of the “traditional category.”

* Non-traditional samples will be collected for all eight judges and they will determine the best entry. (This procedure of judging may change depending on the number of entries.)

* Judges request that no garnishment is served with the sample.

* The team captain’s signature on the entry form signifies the he understands that failure to comply with any of the above procedures in the judging process will disqualify the team.

5. Categories/Awards

Best Tri Tip Roast (1st through 3rd place awards given) (Any pepper and seasonings) Best non-Meat Tri Tip Roast (1 award given) (Cooks choice of ingredients seasoned with their pepper and seasonings) Best Booth Decoration Contest (1st through 3rd place awards given) Best Decorated Apron Contest (1award given) People’s Choice (1 award given) * *This award is selected by event participants, one dollar equals one vote.

6. Reminders (check List)

Each team must provide 4 or 5 Raw Tri Tip Meat

Bring your own heating source and cooking thermometer

Tables and awning for a 10’ X 10’ space.

Bring any cooking and serving utensils you will need.

Please bring hand sanitizer, and make it available to your servers and customers

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